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What is Artonikus Limited?

A boutique web studio providing quite a broad range of online services for small and medium-sized businesses wishing to create or expand their web presence and start or increase their revenue from online sources.

Fields of action

Web-development - website design, UX/UI, product management, project management.

We have been building websites since 2002 when it was just plain HTML and simple JPEGs. Now things become a bit more complicated, while our approach gets more sophisticated, yet simple. We create websites that work effectively and look nice.

Inbound and outbound marketing for clients’ and own digital products.

Since we have a lot of experience in selling digital goods and services over the net with the use of psychology knowledge and tricks, marketing patterns of all shades, we can find a matching solution and a road map for almost any legal product and market it efficiently.

Affiliate marketing for online services and e-commerce goods.

We've been working with traffic of all kinds and niches and have been watching how the internet evolves over the years. Using modern tools and statistical analysis, we can find an optimal sales strategy for your product.

Why at all should you choose a new company?
What's so special about us?

Based on the 20 years experience in the online entertainment business, the company of just a few entrepreneurs grew, adding to their mental portfolio new verticals, methods and approaches. Nowadays we can credibly state we are a group of long-term professionals able to dig into any kind of product and market it online with profit.

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How to start?

It all starts with a consulting session, where we understand the client’s needs and discuss an appropriate model of cooperation.

We merge the client’s aim and purpose with our vision and ideas and create a roadmap for achieving the goals optimal, most effective way.
The tasks are done through agile development, furthermore, we can flexibly change the subgoals with requests of the client.

We are set for long-term relationships and prefer revenue share contracts over short-term fixed ones, however, we can do both if needed.

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If you have a new product to sell online or a web service in development or even an idea of something to market online - just send us a message and it might become the start of a good friendship.